Organic-Fed Pastured Free Range Eggs

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Organic-Fed Pastured Free Range Eggs Organic-Fed Pastured Free Range Eggs

Welcome to Henley Farms

Henley Farms is a small micro re-generative farm that has rich black volcanic soil that is set in a pristine environment located in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria 

Henley Farms is welfare driven . We farm based on re-generative and organic principles to produce ethically pastured certified-organic-fed free range eggs that are high quality, clean, fresh and delicious.

Henley Farms is PASTURED PROOF certified and our hens feed on organic certified feed that comes from Country Heritage Organic (based in Australia) feeds. 

Henley Farms is also certified-organic ( SXC Certification 24018 ) for pasture and all our inputs are all certified-organic too. This includes the detergent we use to wash the eggs. It is a citrus peel extract that is certified-organic !.

Our hens live in customised mobile caravans which provide shelter, nest boxes and perches which are moved regularly to fresh pasture. Protected by portable electrified mesh fencing (to keep foxes away), our hens have access to the outdoors all day every day where they display all their natural behaviours such as dust bathing, wing flapping, feasting on bugs whilst disturbing and re-generating the soil and adding their nitrogen rich manure.

Jumbo Tray of 30 Eggs



Chickens move on a regular basis. Scratching feeding on bugs and tilling the soil gently Putting 1-3% carbon into the soil




Organic Practices
Organic Diet



Healthy Happy Chickens
Classical music for their pleasure Proven way to keep them calm and happy. They enjoy the open spaces
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High quality products

Poultry farm products

  • 900G Tray of 30
  • 800G Tray of 30
  • 700G Tray of 30
  • 900G Half Dozen
  • 800G Half Dozen
  • 700G Half Dozen
  • Half Dozen 600G
  • 600G Tray of 30
  • 900G Tray of 30
  • 800G Tray of 30
  • 700G Tray of 30
  • 900G Half Dozen
  • 900G Tray of 30
  • 800G Tray of 30

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Yes we do. Prior appointment is required to pickup eggs at the moment. Please call us on +61 407934567 to arrange a time.

Yes we offer a 3 month subscription. 15% discount is given as a thank you for showing your support.


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